For BigCityLife partners We have developed the unique proposals for obtaining additional income specially for our partners!

To date, 3 programs for earning extra money: affiliate, representative and bonus programs are available to our clients

The affiliate program has 3 levels of 6% -3% -1%, which implies the calculation of affiliate rewards for attracting funds to the project both by you and your referrals up to level 3.

The bonus program is the opportunity to receive a one-time free bonus as a percentage of your personally attracted structure turnover.

Affiliate program

How does it work?

6% -3% -1% - this means that for each contribution to the project you will receive 6% of the amount your referral paid for the participation in the selected lot, 3% for participation in the company’s activities with second level referrals and 1% for the participation of third level referrals.

In other words, if you attracted $1000 to the project, then your referrals also raised $1000 to the project and, finally, second-level referrals raised $1000 to the project, you will receive a total of $100 or $60-$30-$10 respectively .

If the participation in the framework of the partnership program is successful, each of our active partners has the right to receive special conditions within the framework of the representative program.

Affiliate program 6%-3%-1%
How to start to additional earnings?
01 Register on the website of our company
02 Distribute your referral link in all possible social networks
03 Increase the turnover of your structure
04 Get affiliate and bonus deductions directly to your wallet!
Turnover structure Bonus
5000$ 100$
10000$ 200$
15000$ 300$
25000$ 500$
50000$ 1000$
100000$ 2500$
150000$ 4000$
300000$ 6000$