Are there any restrictions to accept a client to BigCityLife?

There are no restrictions for our clients; only you have to be at least 18 years old.

How can I become a client of BigCityLife?

Just go through a simple registration on our website by clicking on the corresponding button. Then select the desired lot and invest through any payment system from our list.

I want to invest, is there any commission charged for this?

No, our company does not charge any hidden fees for opening a deposit. You only pay the payment system commission or the bank commission through which you deposit.

I can not complete the registration on the website. What can I do?

Contact our advisor by the feedback form or online chat. Our specialist will advise you.

How can I deposit on the company website?

1) Choose a payment system.
2) Top up your balance.
3) Using the available funds on the balance, buy the lot you have chosen.
When will my deposit start to work and make a profit?

Your deposit will start working right after you open it. You will receive the first assessment according to the investment rate plan you have opened.

I want to read more about investment plans, where can I do it?

All the information about our investment offer is in the «Investment» section.

To enter this section, you need to go to the main page and find «Investment» in the website's top menu.

Are there limits on the number of deposits?

No. We do not limit our clients in choosing the number of deposits.

Is my deposit included in my profit?

It depends on the rate plan you choose for investment. As a rule, our investment offer offers rates where the deposits are included in the profit.

Can I have several deposits at once?

Yes. The company does not limit its clients in choosing a number of active deposits.

Can I deposit from the balance of my account (reinvest my profit)?

Yes. You can make a second deposit using the money from your balance.

What currencies and in what form are you currently accepting?

We accept both Rubles, Dollars and Cryptocurrency.

We use these payment instruments:

For the investment plan 10.5%:

1. Perfect Money

2. Payeer

3. Visa/Mastercard

4. Qiwi

5. USDT TRC-20

6. USDT ERC-20

7. Ripple (XRP)


For all other Investment plans:

1. Perfect Money

2. Payeer

3. Visa/Mastercard

4. Qiwi

5. USDT TRC-20

6. USDT ERC-20

7. Ripple (XRP)

8. Bitcoin


How can I withdraw my profit?

After you have received the accrual for your deposit, you can withdraw it to your payment system.

For this, find the "Withdraw funds" section of your account and enter it.

Select your payment system, enter the desired output amount and make a request.

I have made a withdrawal request; when should I expect them in my account?

After you have made a payment request, it immediately goes to your wallet.

All payouts are automatically and instantly credited to your wallet.
Recently I created a withdrawal request but haven't received it yet; what should I do?

If the payment has not been made, please contact technical support to clarify the circumstances.

Do you charge a withdrawal fee?

No. We do not charge any fees when withdrawing funds from the investor's account.

Do you have any hidden fees?

No. The company is against the policy of hidden fees. We are transparent.

Do I have to pay taxes on profits earned from your company?

Each investor makes their own tax decision based on the country they reside in.

On what days are the accruals made?

Accruals are made 5 times a week, except on weekends. (Monday-Friday)

The term of the tariff plans is specified in working days.

Minimum withdrawal amount:

PerfectMoney; Payeer; Ripple(XRP) - 0.5$
Tether TRC20 - 0.5 USDT
Tether ERC20 - 50.00 USDT
Bitcoin - 0.002 BTC
Ethereum - 0.025 ETH
Qiwi; Visa/MC - 3000 Ru.
I am an active investor. Are there any bonuses and rewards for inviting new partners to the company?

Yes. We respect our partners and have created an excellent affiliate program for them, allowing you to permanently make big money.

You can learn about the affiliate program in the ''Partners" section.

How soon can I get my referral reward?

Accruals are credited when your referral creates a deposit.

Once your referral makes a deposit, you will immediately receive a referral fee to your balance.

How quickly can I withdraw my referral reward?

You can withdraw the referral reward as soon as it is credited to your balance.

My referral made a deposit, but I did not receive a referral reward. Why?

Check if he is really your referral. Also, make sure if he opened a deposit.

If your referral opened a deposit and you did not receive a referral reward, contact technical support.

Where can I find my referral link and other promotional materials of the company?

On the side menu on the left, find the section "Partners" in your account.

In this section, you will find your referral link and banners for advertising the company.

How long does it take to activate my account?

Your account is activated at the moment of registration. No further actions are required.

How can I access my account?

By registering on the website, you fill out a form in which you also write your username and password for your account.

After the registration is complete, you can go to your account by clicking on the "Login" link. Enter your username and password. After that, you go to your account.

Who else has access to my account?

Only those who know your username and password can access your account. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to use a unique password and not disclose it to third parties.

Can I change my account details?

Yes, you can change your account details. To do this, go to the "Settings" section of your account.

How can I protect my personal information on my account?

Use a unique and strong password to log in to your account. Do not give your username and password to third parties.

Set up two-factor authorization on your email, which is linked to your account.

What should I do if I can not access my account because I forgot my password?

Use the password recovery.

To recover your password, you will need your username and email.

How many accounts can I open on the website?

You can have only one active account. Multiple registrations are prohibited.

Do you need proof/verification of identity? Do I need to send any documents?

Мы не требуем каких-либо подтверждающих документов вашей личности.