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BigCityLife is an International Development group of companies based in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The main goal of our company is to unite the capital capacities of several real estate market entities into a single investment network, which will provide an opportunity for a multiple increase in construction capacities and use the collective potential.

BigCityLife was founded in 2015 as part of a global project to restructure the activities of major real estate market players in order to combine the financial capacities of several independent developers to receive the most favorable offers from customers of various kinds of infrastructure.

Today, more than 2,000 residential, commercial and industrial real estate objects are being built under the brand of our company. Our main facilities are located in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, China and the Russian Federation.

BigCityLife acts as a coordinator of the actions of the world's largest developers, and also acts as a management company at most of the facilities we sell.

In 2019, the top management of our company, as part of a program to expand the project activities of the company, decided to increase the amount of borrowed capital of the company by entering the open market of private investments with a projected return on capital of 3000%.

Our company provides private investors with the opportunity to participate in social projects, such as the construction of schools, universities, kindergartens, hospitals, and in government infrastructure facilities, such as gas stations, highways, railways, and housing and public utilities enterprises.

Thanks to our website convenient functionality our customers can choose the most attractive investment object with daily profit accrual and impressive predictable returns!

All available investment objects presented on our website have a payback rating of AAA +, which indicates an extremely high reliability level of this type of investment.

Open an investment account with BigCityLife right now and start making money in a stable real estate market today!

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Open an investment account on the official website of our company by going through an intuitive registration procedure.

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Company BigCityLife Our goals

BigCityLife company works on the principle of maximum transparency and openness to its investors, so our main goal is to maintain the most trusting and long-term cooperation with every investor!

In addition, our company pursues the following short-term and long-term goals:


Global expansion into the investment markets of China, India, Vietnam, South Korea, as well as parts of Eastern Europe and Africa.


Expanding the range of investment opportunities provided to our partners


Stable improvement of the quality of service and maintaining the most comfortable environment both within the company and in relations with our customers

We sincerely hope to share these views with our investors together with our company!

Company BigCityLife Our mission

Our main mission is the competent redistribution of the resources of our company and investors among all areas of our operations to achieve the maximum level of profitability! To date, the capital of our company is distributed in the following proportions:

Reconstruction of buildings 7%
Turnkey construction 38%
Engineering work 13%
Management services 22%
Free investment 20%

Which currently guarantees a stable dividend payment to BigCityLife customers!

Invested 595662.00$
Payouts 284532.33$
Total investors 7426
Days online 111
BigCityLife 2022 work plan
January 2022
Plan for January 2022

Reaching 20,000 active depositary accounts. The tariff plans expansion, as well as the development of unique programs for the most active investors of the company.

February 2022
Plan for February 2022

Completion of construction of 30% of highly profitable projects 2017-2021 with the expected revenue of $ 2 billion. Conclusion of new partnership agreements with major developers in Europe, Russia and South America

March 2022
Plan for March 2022

Reaching 35,000 active depositary accounts. Full completion of the 2-year cycle of express construction of the most infrastructure facilities sold by our partners, as well as the opening of our own branches in the Russian Federation and the Baltic states

April 2022
Plan for April 2022

Transformation of the organization’s management system with a revision of the paid dividends to our investors in a big way. Breakthrough research in the most remote regions for the construction of our planet.

May 2022
Plan for May 2022

Strategy identification for 2023 calendar year, development of an organizational concept, as well as a review of the regulations of the main processes of the company with the subsequent development of instructions for the performers.

June 2022
Plan for June 2022

Revision of the corporate investment portfolio, as well as the development of an improved tool for monitoring and obtaining information on making the best strategic investment decisions

July 2022
Plan for July 2022

The beginning of the reconstruction of municipal education facilities in the largest urban agglomerations, carrying out all the necessary research projects related to this activity

August 2022
Plan for August 2022

Reaching 100,000 active depositary accounts. The completion of the 2022 investment portfolio formation, as well as the development of automated asset management system for investors.

September 2022
Plan for September 2022

Completion of the construction of the largest social infrastructure at key points in the company. Drawing up a plan for the implementation of an international construction standard under the guidance of our company

October 2022
Plan for October 2022

Formation of missions and goals for the 2023 calendar year, the formation of a new management department with maximum involvement of process performers.

November 2022
Plan for November 2022

Launch of its own federal investment network, holding mass events aimed at maximizing the popularization of investments in the real estate sector.

December 2022
Plan for December 2022

Reaching 500,000 active depositary accounts. Holding an international conference on the 2022 results with the presentation of memorable prizes to employees and investors of the company for the greatest contribution to the development of the project.